Property Management Software as a Service

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Artistically designed

Minimal training required to get up and running

Open Api

Have your imagination run wild with that you can do.

Best Bang for your Buck

We offer a better service at a better price that any other provider

Fully Featured

Keep track of your

  • Communities
  • Floorplan
  • Applications
  • Leases
  • Units
  • Tenants
  • Work Orders
  • Payments

Developer Friendly

  • Open and complete API
  • Clear documentation
  • Web Hooks
  • CLI

IT departments now can regain control over your infrastructure. Its your data, do what you would like with it

Easy to Use & migrate over

Migrations are quick and painless. We guide you to be up and running in to time

Our Team

Danilo A.

We want you to regain the power and control over you assets

Ricardo C.

I cant wait to show you what a modern platform looks like

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